League Information

Leagues are now forming for the
2021-2022 bowling season.


2021 League Openings - Manor Lanes

State "Guidelines" for the 2021-2022 Bowling Season

It is very important that each captain make their bowlers aware of the "guidelines" that MUST BE FOLLOWED AT ALL TIMES. The state will be sending in health inspectors to make sure that we are following all of the NY Forward Guidelines that the Governor has put into place. They are the following...



As of today masks are only required for those individuals who are not vaccinated. As always, please feel free to wear a mask if you would like.


We ask for the safety of your fellow bowlers to please maintain the proper 6' distance between one another whenever possible. We decided to leave up the plastic physical barriers between each settee area to further protect our bowlers.  

We are asking everyone to enter through the door near lane #13 instead of going through the bar door. We will re-address this when winter comes to make sure we aren't tracking in snow and water. When you walk into the building you will be asked to scan at the temperature check station. It will detect whether you are wearing a mask and it will tell you your temperature. If anyone is over the allowed 100.4ยบ temperature the system will alert the customer and ask them to exit the building. It will also send an instant text message to the front counter with the picture of the customer so that management can ensure the customer does not enter the building. This system does not collect any personal information and only scans for temperature.